About AG Direct Hail Insurance Ltd


AG Direct Hail Insurance Ltd has forever changed the way crop hail insurance is purchased. We are the first and only, exclusively online private crop hail insurance provider on the Prairies and we are solely focused on combining exceptional rates with superior customer service and professional claims handling. We want to earn your business each and every year.

Led by CEO Bruce Lowe and through our partnership with Allianz® Global Risks US Insurance Company (a world leader in cutting edge insurance products), AG Direct Hail Insurance Ltd. is the safe, secure and cost effective alternative to traditional hail insurance products.

A Closer Look

With other private line companies, brokers/agents are paid a commission of up to 12% on the value of the policy. At AG Direct Hail Insurance Ltd, we don't use brokers or agents. Instead, you spend the 10 minutes to register, check our rates and apply for coverage...and you pocket the commissions through the savings on your premiums. Additionally, AG Direct Hail Insurance has streamlined our claims adjustment and loss process without compromising any award that you deserve in the event of a claim. We believe a dollar we save is a dollar you should save.

Ten Minutes for Safe and Secure Savings

Our intuitive website ensures that even novice computer users can purchase their crop hail insurance needs with confidence. The main menu bar at the top of every web page helps you navigate through everything you need including:

  1. Rates - Simply enter your township, range, meridian and any deductible option to get your rate and crop surcharge.
  2. Apply and Pay - An easy step-by-step application. Choose your preferred method of payment from one of four convenient options.
  3. My Account - Access or view all policies that you have saved, purchased this year, or prior year policies.
  4. File a Claim - An efficient, "no-hassle" claims process.

Our Mission Statement

To provide hardworking Prairie farmers with exceptional rates, superior customer service and professional claims handling.

Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company

Allianz® is the registered service mark for Allianz SE and is used with permission

Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company is passionate about our positioning as a 'Trusted Partner' with strong customer focus and the skillful use of technology to connect with customers. The partnership with AG Direct Hail Insurance Ltd delivers unprecedented value to Prairie farmers.

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Our CEO, Bruce Lowe

Bruce Lowe

CEO Bruce Lowe and his team are extremely proud that thousands of hardworking Prairie farmers have made AG Direct Hail Insurance Ltd. the fastest growing crop hail insurance provider in each of the last four years. As a successful and spirited entrepreneur with roots in Saskatchewan, Bruce understands the value conscious and risk-averse nature of Prairie farmers. These attributes formed the foundation of the AG Direct business model; safe and secure hail insurance at a competitive price coupled with superior service and professional loss adjusting. Exclusively backed by Allianz Global Risks US Insurance Company, Bruce is determined to bring farmers a convenient, safe and competitive choice in crop hail insurance coverage for years to come.