Frequently Asked Questions

Coverage & Application

How do I check rates and apply for an AG Direct Hail Insurance policy?
  1. Complete your no-obligation registration from our Home Page or Registration Page. Registration simply involves entering your email address and creating a password. Why do I need to register? Our website and rates are proprietary and meant for our returning customers and potential customers only.
  2. Log in to with your email and password. Once logged in, the menu bar at the top of the screen will connect you to everything you need - My Account, Apply, File a Claim and more. Create a quote or submit an application with our easy-to-use 'Application Page'. We accept applications from early May to July 31.
Need help? Our Customer Service Team is always available, Toll Free at 1-855-686-5596
Can I speak with someone at AG Direct Hail if I need help?
Absolutely. Call our Toll Free number 1-855-686-5596. We offer extended customer service hours to make certain our farmers get the help they need, when they need it. You may also send an email to
When does my AG Direct Hail policy take effect? When does it expire?
Coverage takes effect at 12:00pm noon on the day following the date of your application submission. As long as you submit your application online via our website by midnight (Central Standard Time), your crops will be covered starting at noon on the following day. You will receive a confirmation email immediately after submitting your application and a PDF copy of your policy on the next business day. AG Direct Hail Insurance policies expire once the crop is harvested, or October 31, whichever date comes first.
Do I need coverage with my provincial insurance provider (AFSC, SMHI, MASC) in order to purchase an AG Direct Hail policy?
No. Coverage with your government provider is NOT required.
How do I pay for my AG Direct Hail Insurance policy?
We offer five payment options:
  • Credit cardVisa or MasterCard (Secured by PayPal, at no additional cost to you)
  • Cheque
  • Online Banking
  • Eransfer (for premiums less than $3000)
  • Wire Transfer
What types of coverage and deductibles are available with AG Direct Hail?
Based on feedback from our farmers, we offer the following coverage choices:
  • Full Coverage : Losses are payable when the adjusted loss is 5% or over. Losses of 85% are determined to be 100% loss.
  • 10% Straight Deductible : The 10% deductible is a flat or straight option; the simplest form of deductible. With this option, any loss in excess of 10% will be paid at that level less the 10% deductible. For example, if the assessed loss is 46%, the actual loss award payable would be 36% (calculated as 46% minus the 10% deductible). The premium owing will be reduced by 30% when choosing this deductible option.
  • 25% Straight Deductible : The 25% deductible is a flat or straight option; the simplest form of deductible. With this option, any loss in excess of 25% will be paid at that level less the 25% deductible. For example, if the assessed loss is 67%, the actual loss award payable would be 42% (calculated as 67% minus the 25% deductible). The premium owing will be reduced by 50% when choosing this deductible option.
What is the maximum level of coverage I can purchase from AG Direct Hail Insurance?

Our maximum insurance is $500/acre.

I farm in two provinces. How do I apply for AG Direct Hail coverage?
Simply apply for a separate policy for the crops in each province.
I purchased an AG Direct Hail policy, but I'd like to add more coverage on some of those crops. Can I buy more?
Topping up coverage levels with AG Direct Hail Insurance is easy.
  • Log in and click 'My Account' from the top of the menu bar.
  • Scroll down to 'Paid & Submitted Applications' to find your existing policy and click'Copy Info to Top Up Policy'.
  • A new application form will appear and allow you to add the additional coverage on whichever crops you wish.
  • You may top up coverage on any insured crop until July 31 as long as liability is available in that township and total coverage does not exceed our $500/acre insurance maximum.
  • You cannot top-up coverage on crops that have had previous hail damage
When do you release your rates?
We release our rates in early May. Registered farmers will receive an email notification.
Does my AG Direct Hail Insurance policy cover any perils, other than hail damage?
Yes. Your policy includes an endorsement to cover crop loss or damage by fire.
Does my AG Direct Hail Insurance policy cover me for fire damage?
Yes. Your AG Direct Hail insurance policy includes an endorsement to cover crop loss or damage by fire. For more information on fire damage coverage please contact our office or refer to the endorsement page on your policy documents.
Can I apply for hail insurance after a hail storm?
No. Hail insurance policies must be purchased before a hail storm occurs. We encourage customers to apply early to ensure coverage in case of an early season storm.
What if I make a mistake on my application for coverage?

Any application that has not been submitted can be updated and edited as required. Access an application in progress by clicking 'My Account' from the top menu bar and 'View' your application from the 'Saved Applications' section. Before submitting, review your application closely for accuracy.

If you notice a mistake on a submitted application or an effective policy, we require immediate notice of the error in writing via email or fax ( or 587-349-3334). Changes to existing policies are subject to approval. If the change alters the policy premium, a refund may be issued or additional premium may be required.

As a returning customer, do I have to enter all land location information again each year?
No. Simply visit your 'My Account' page, scroll down to 'Paid & Submitted Applications' and click 'Copy Info to New Application' located next to your old policy. Your legal land locations will be automatically carried over to a new application. You can make the necessary edits and changes from there.
My land doesn't fit the typical legal land descriptions for crop hail insurance. How should I apply for insurance with AG Direct Hail?
Whether it is a river lot, church lot, grassland or some other land description, we would be happy to assist you with your AG Direct Hail Insurance application. Contact us at 1-855-686-5596 or email us at
Is there anything I should do when I receive my hail insurance policy documents?
Once you receive your email containing your crop hail insurance policy documents, we ask that you again review ALL information for complete accuracy. Should any revisions be required, please contact our office right away. Please then save a copy of your policy documents for your records.
After I purchased a policy, I need to cancel acres due to Drought, Flood, Disease or another peril.
Mother nature sometimes has her own plans that force us to pivot. If your crop or a portion of your crop was damaged due to drought, flood, disease or another peril prior to a hail storm, please contact the office to remove those acres from your policy. If you act quickly and cancel those acres prior to June 30, AGD will retain 10% and return the remaining premium on those acres cancelled. If you communicate the need to cancel acres after July 1, the short date cancellation table will apply to your request.

Filing a Claim

It hailed on my insured crops. What do I do now?
  1. Determine which crops need to be included in the claim. It is the policyholder's responsibility to inspect ALL insured fields in the area to determine which crops were impacted by the hail storm. Failure to do so may result in a re-inspection fee if an adjuster has to return to adjust crops that were not claimed at the time of the storm.
  2. Log in to our website with your email and password within three days (72 hours) of the storm. Click 'File a Claim' from the top of the menu bar and follow the steps.
  3. You will receive an email confirmation after submitting your claim, and a member of our Claims Team will be in touch to arrange an adjustment.
How soon after a hail storm do I need to file a claim?
It is the policyholder's responsibility to file a claim online within three days (72 hours) of the storm. Failure to submit a claim within the allotted time, may result in a late inspection fee.
What is a late filed claim fee?
According to the Insurance Act, a claimant must file a claim within three days of a storm. Failure to do so prejudices the insurance company from being able to plan and logistically distribute claims to adjusters working in the area. Delaying notice may force the company to reassign the claim, which costs the company money and time unnecessarily. According to the Insurance Act, any claim filed later than 72 hours from the storm instance could be denied. AG Direct Hail is not prepared to deny liability, however any late filed claim will be subject to a late adjusting fee. This fee covers the cost of the adjuster to attend the claim if representation has already been in the area. If AG Direct Hail adjusters have not yet attended claims in the area, no Late fee will apply.

Please note that if you plan on being away from your farm, it is the responsibility of the policy holder to appoint a representative to provide notice in case of a hail storm.
Is there anything I need to do if I'm going to be away from my crops during the growing season?
One of the requirements of your hail insurance policy is that you file a claim within three days of any storm that causes hail damage. If you must be away from your farmland during the term of your hail insurance policy, we ask that you appoint someone as Power of Attorney to represent you and to check on your fields after storm activity in the area.
I farm land that is far away from my home location. If I insure crops there - how often do I need to inspect these crops throughout the season?

There is no set inspection requirement in your policy agreement however; if there is a hail storm, it is the policyholder's responsibility to inspect all crops and then file a claim online within three days (72 hours) of that storm. For that reason, you will need to be sure to inspect all insured crops on a regular basis.

If you do not reside near your insured crops or if you will be absent for a portion of the policy term, you should consider appointing someone to act as your Power of Attorney. The individual you assign as your Power of Attorney would then be legally authorized to act for you to file insurance claims and also represent you during the adjustment process.

I had hail on a crop ready for harvest. Do I need to leave evidence of the crop for inspection?
Yes. We require sufficient evidence of the crop in order to complete an adjustment. Please see this document: Harvest Sample

Adjusting & Loss Award

Does AG Direct Hail Insurance have its own adjusters?
Yes. We have our own professional adjusting team made up of qualified and experienced individuals from across the Prairies. All hail adjusters must be provincially licensed and regulated by the Hail Insurance Council of Saskatchewan, Alberta Insurance Council and/or the Insurance Council of Manitoba. We believe that we have the best adjusting team in the industry - a quick read of our Testimonials page will show you what Prairie farmers think about the quality of our adjusters.
Does AG Direct Hail offer a 'harvest allowance'?
Yes. If your loss from hail reaches or exceeds eighty-five percent (85%) it triggers our harvest allowance which brings the total award to 100%. (Subject to deductible, if applicable).
When will I receive my loss payment?
We have streamlined every step of our claims process to ensure you receive payment quickly. Once our office receives your finalized claim paperwork, we issue a cheque or direct deposit. For fastest loss award payment, consider opting for direct deposit.
Can I defer my loss award cheque to a specific date? Ex. January 1 of the next year?
Absolutely. Simply mention this to your AG Direct Hail adjuster or inform our Claims Team.
How will a loss award from AG Direct Hail impact my Agristability payout?
It doesn't. Starting in 2020, any loss award for hail damage from AG Direct Hail is no longer considered revenue when calcualting your Agristability claim/payout.
When preparing for harvest - or turning crops under prior to adjustment, what is my responsibility for leaving crop samples?
Please see this document: Harvest Sample

AG Direct Hail Account

I can't remember the answer to my security question. What should I do?
The security question is there to protect you from fraud. You will need to answer the question in order to apply. If you've forgotten the answer, no problem, you can leave the 'Application Page' by clicking 'My Account' from the top of the screen. Revise your security questions on this page and return to the application by finding it under 'Saved Applications'.
How do I reset or change my password?
If you've forgotten your password - visit and click the 'Log In' tab from the top left corner of the screen. Under the log in area, you will see a link that says 'Forgot password?' Use this link to send an email allowing you to change your password. To change or update your current password, simply click 'My Account' from the top of the menu bar. You can change your password under 'My Profile'.
How do I change my email address?
Click on 'My Account' from the top of the menu bar. Update your email address under the 'My Profile' section.
Can a family member or friend apply for a policy under my AG Direct Hail account?
It is recommended that each individual uses their own separate AG Direct Hail account. Register online at at any time. If you are assisting someone who does not have an email account, you may submit an application for him/her under their name (or farm name) while logged into your own AG Direct Hail account. Please note that you will receive all email communication for that individual and you will need to assist them if they need to file a claim.
How do I view a previous year's policy?
Your policy information is available to you online, anytime on your 'My Account' page under 'Paid & Submitted Applications'.
My insurance broker is encouraging me to spend my money locally. How should I respond?

When you purchase a private line policy from any company other than AG Direct Hail, the broker or agent selling the policy is compensated approximately 12% commission. With AG Direct Hail Insurance, you are purchasing directly from AG Direct Hail Insurance, the private line company. We do not compensate an agent or broker with commission - we pass the savings to you in the form of lower premiums.

The simple answer? If you purchase a policy with AG Direct Hail, the dollars stay local - in fact, so local they stay in YOUR front pocket and not your broker's. You can spend your savings in your's your money!

AG Direct Hail Insurance Ltd is also proud to be a 100% Canadian and Prairie-based business.

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