Our Customers' Testimonials

Wilson Family Farms
November 2018
Rathwell, MB
"Your staff was very polite and professional, called more than once and also emailed more than once."
Comment from Bruce: Thank you Wilson Family. We want our customers to know exactly where we are in the claims process.
Wheat King Farms Ltd.
November 2018
Killarney, MB
"Keep up the good work. I have purchased AG Direct Insurance the past two seasons, 100% confidence in the company."
Comment from Bruce: We appreciate your business. As you know, 2018 was the first year that our Manitoba customers DIDN'T have to have coverage with MASC to purchase a policy with us...we had so many new farmers as a result.
Waldner Farms Ltd.
November 2018
Val Marie, SK
"It's good."
Comment from Bruce: Thank you Waldner Family.
Todd Bystrom, Woodland Crest Farms Ltd.
November 2018
Sylvan Lake, AB
"Did not have much hail this year, but small claim that had was handled very professional. Also, had small acreage change in July and it was easy to do. Your online worksheet is very slick."
Comment from Bruce: Thank you Todd. I hope to see you at Farmtech this year.
Simon Marsh, Picket Lane Ag
November 2018
Kamsack, SK
"I really like having the ability to do my policy online and in/on my timeframe and timeline. I like the convenience of doing the policy online."
Comment from Bruce: I hear that all the time Simon. Although we made it easy to complete and submit a policy online when you're ready...and we are available up until 10 p.m. in-season should you need us.
R & R Levac Farms
November 2018
Gravelbourg, SK
"I have not had any claims to date but customer relations when ever had questions or problem setting up a policy got answers right away...Thanks."
Comment from Bruce: Thank you Levac Family. Rest assured that if you have a claim, we will have the same level of customer service and urgency.
Orest Shular
November 2018
Wynyard, SK
"Great price, great coverage and no middle people."
Comment from Bruce: Looks like you have us figured out Orest! Thank you for your kind comment.
Leonard Kashton
November 2018
Regina, SK
Comment from Bruce: VERY HAPPY :)
Larry and Marlene Falk, LarMar Falk Farms
November 2018
Crystal City, MB
"The staff is always willing to help and take the time we need to clarify questions. They are easy to get a hold of and return calls in a timely manner."
Comment from Bruce: Thank you Larry and Marlene. If you could see the energy in our office when the phone rings...the call goes to multiple phones and customer service race each other to take the call...the passion is incredible.
Kelsey Holdings Inc.
November 2018
Choiceland, SK
"Online, easy to use, prompt, and first rate service! Will be my choice for hail insurance needs in the future!"
Comment from Bruce: Very kind, thank you...but we take nothing for granted and will work hard to earn your business year after year.
Joe Lovell, Lovell Farms Ltd.
November 2018
Clive, AB
"I had the opportunity to deal with Baillie on a claim this year. He didn't give me quite what I wanted but looking back at the end of the year, he was very fair and treated me well. A real pleasure to do business with I cannot say enough good things about dealing with Baillie, the claims department and the organization in general."
Comment from Bruce: Baillie leads our very experienced and passionate team of highly skilled adjusters. Our goal on every claim is to put a payment in the hands of our customer that fairly represents their loss. After five years and thousands of claims we have had NO APPRAISALS. This tells me that we have the best interests of our customers in mind.
Glen Schott
November 2018
Crystal City, MB
"I have been very happy with AG Direct Hail every year (claim or not). Thanks for providing lower cost hail insurance."
Comment from Bruce: Let the record show that you were our first Manitoba registrant over 5 years ago and also the first Schott to purchase a policy! Your unwavering support and business is very appreciated Glen.
George Simmons
November 2018
Shaunavon, SK
"As you can see by above answers, one very satisfied customer. Thanks again for your great service."
Comment from Bruce: My sincere thanks to you George. Most people only reply to a customer survey to complain...AG Direct Hail customers take the time to complete our survey to thank us...energizing us to work even harder!
Ed Stahl, Bluesky Farms
November 2018
Drumheller, AB
"Keep up the good work and keep premiums down."
Comment from Bruce: Good work 'up'...premiums 'down'...I'm on it Eddy!
Dean Wiegand
October 2018
Westlock, AB
"I was told of AG Direct Hail by another Insurance representative. I checked out the website and was reading through the testimonials when I came across a familiar last name. I contacted a fellow I knew with the same last name to see if this was a relation and found out it was an uncle. While talking with this fellow he shared that he also had used AG Direct Hail and that both his and his uncle's experience were very positive. So with that I took the leap and had a great first experience in my first year."
Comment from Bruce: Thank you for your feedback Dean. We know how important a testimonial can be when making a decision to try something new. We can't thank our farmers enough for sharing their feedback about their experiences with AG Direct Hail.
Craig Andres
October 2018
Roblin, MB
"First year and I'm extremely happy. I would recommend AG Direct Hail to all my friends and neighbours."
Comment from Bruce: Welcome to AG Direct Hail Craig. Farmers telling friends and neighbours is so important to us and VERY APPRECIATED. Thank you.
Chris Lea
October 2018
Manitou, MB
"Easy process and reasonable rates."
Comment from Bruce: We appreciate your business Chris.
Chadwick & Amanda Burback, Burback Farms
October 2018
Togo, SK
"Always very happy to be a customer of AG Direct Hail. Very competitive rates, very easy online forms, and the best customer service."
Comment from Bruce: Thank you Burback Family. You have been with us since our first year and we are going to continue to work very hard to earn your business for many more.
Chad Bown
October 2018
Ranfurly, AB
"Fastest claims process in town. Period."
Comment from Bruce: Even faster if you choose our direct deposit option!
George Stahl, Berry Creek Colony
October 2018
Hanna, AB
"I am very pleased the professional experience that AG Direct Hail Insurance brings to the farmers. I would definitely recommend them to any farmer. Thanks for the great service."
Comment from Bruce: We appreciate the business from your colony and so many others across the Prairies. Our whole team is passionate and committed to the highest level of service. Thank you George.
Albert Hofer, Hillridge Farming
October 2018
Barnwell, AB
"Very nice and easy...excellent people to work with."
Comment from Bruce: We enjoy working with you as well Albert!
Josh Umscheid
June 2018
Vulcan, AB
"I heard we could have some violent thunderstorms tomorrow. I stopped the sprayer and it took me 5 minutes to put my hail insurance on with AG Direct Hail. They make it so easy!"
Comment from Bruce: Thanks Josh! That's our goal - we believe your crop insurance purchase should be easy and convenient. We appreciate your business!
Craig Mills
June 2018
Westlock, AB
"Really impressed with AG Direct Hail's online system for filing a claim! #simple"
Paul Heglund
November 2017
Consul, SK
"My only regret is the people I know that I used to buy insurance from that are no longer making money as agents."
Comment from Bruce: I hear this comment on occasion Paul. As you know, hail insurance brokers make roughly 12% commission on every policy they sell. With AG Direct Hail you complete the application yourself and our goal is to save you that commission through lower premiums...so the money still stays local...so local that it's in your wallet.
Murray McCallum
November 2017
Brandon, MB
"In 2016 I purchased the first AG Direct policy. It was a leap of faith and after considerable research I decided to give it a try. As it turned out it hailed. The first hail in many years...AG Direct's no hassle claim process impressed me so much I purchased their hail insurance in 2017. The easy application and no hassle claim process left me confident that the investment in my crop was protected from the wrath of Mother Nature."
Comment from Bruce: We are glad to have you aboard with us again Murray. We are going to work hard to earn your business again next year.
Barry Maurer
November 2017
Neudorf, SK
"Beth [Claims Coordinator] called very soon after my claim was submitted. She was very accommodating to set up a date to have our crop adjusted. We found a day that worked and John came to adjust the loss. Both Beth and John have the "personal touch" that you don't find anywhere in today's business world. My neighbors will know where I buy my hail insurance."
Comment from Bruce: Thank you very much for the kind comment Barry. Our entire staff takes immense pride and pleasure in how we deal with our customers...we love what we do.
Philip Hewitt & Sarah Pearson
November 2017
Carlyle, SK
"Mercifully we escaped nature's wrath this year but service across the board from AG Direct has been flawless. Thank you all."
Comment from Bruce: You are very welcome.
Lindsay Nobbs, Litano Acres Ltd.
November 2017
Swan River, MB
"First year using AG Direct Hail for us. Our farming operation has multiple stakeholders and we try to keep our bill payments as separate as possible throughout the year. We couldn't figure out separate billing on the website. I bumped into Bruce at the Farm Progress Show and discussed with him. He was very helpful, personable and easy to talk to. He pointed me in the right direction and everything went smoothly. We will be repeating as customers."
Comment from Bruce: I remember the conversation very well Lindsay. From our website/software through to customer service, we have to understand and respond to the unique needs of our most complex customers.
Terry Schullman
November 2017
Lancer, SK
"Do not change anything."
Comment from Bruce: Loud and clear Terry...we hope to see you and Tyler at the Manitoba AG Days again this year!
Gordon Mueller
November 2017
Humboldt, SK
Comment from Bruce: "GREAT" ☺
Jack Rairdan, EXL Farms
November 2017
Stettler, AB
"I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you how happy we are with AG Direct Hail Insurance. 2017 was our first year with AG Direct and I was amazed at the ease of signing up. From opening an account, adding fields and paying it was quick, easy and hassle free. Unfortunately, we did get a 1,000 acres of hail this year but AG Direct is definitely the best company I have ever worked with on a hail claim. Your Claims Coordinator (Beth) was always very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. We were leaving for a few days and were hoping to get one field adjusted before we left so that it could be silaged. Dan Hartley made a trip out on a Sunday and did the whole claim the same day and was a very seasoned adjuster. He was also very friendly, knowledgeable and very through. I really like the way that your company empowers its employees to make decisions rapidly. AG Direct Hail has definitely earned my (increased) business next year."
Comment from Bruce: Thank you Jack. We do our best to put ourselves in the boots of our customers and ask "What's the right thing to do?". Beth and Dan are two within an entire team of professionals.
Aaron Energy Inc.
October 2017
Calgary, AB
"Happy with the rates and customer service. I will be taking hail insurance with AG Direct next year."
Comment from Bruce: I hear that often and we appreciate it but we know we have to earn your business every year. We take nothing for granted.
Glen Schott
October 2017
Crystal City, MB
"Very satisfied with AG Direct Hail and how staff answered my questions."
Sprucebar Farms Ltd
October 2017
Provost, AB
"Had a claim on peas this year, the adjuster was knowledgeable...adjustment was fair, payment was received in a timely manner."
Comment from Bruce: "Knowledgeable, fair and timely"...our favorite words when it comes to how we handle a claim.
Darrell Younghans
October 2017
Heinsburg, AB
"I wish dealing with all companies was as easy and pleasant as AG Direct Hail. All interactions were fast and courteous...sure beats my experiences with another hail insurance company."
Comment from Bruce: I'm glad you didn't name the company Darrell because I couldn't have used your quote.
WheatKing Farms Ltd.
October 2017
Killarney, MB
"Easy, user friendly web site to purchase hail insurance. I highly recommend farmers to try this company."
Comment from Bruce: We have been the fastest growing company four years in a row and farmers sharing their experience with other farmers has been a big part of our growth. Thank you.
T&D Duchek Farms Ltd
October 2017
Atwater, SK
"Easy Easy Easy. Had a claim. Great and friendly service. Lowest rates found with fairest adjusting we ever had."
Comment from Bruce: We love hearing our customers drop the "F-Bomb" when it comes to our adjusting...Fair!
Iron Acres Inc.
October 2017
Milo, AB
"Last year I had a claim and it was very easy."
Larry & Marlene Falk
October 2017
Crystal City, MB
"The application is straight forward and easy to fill out. No questions asked when claim was submitted. Payment made when requested. Ellen is very personable and pleasant to talk to when I had any questions, also she is very knowledgeable with the process. They are easy to get a hold of, someone always answers the phone."
Comment from Bruce: Thank you Larry and Marlene...you made Ellen blush...
Maurice Vanwynsberghe, Van Farms Ltd.
October 2017
Crystal City, MB
"We had a major hail storm June 9th. Wiped out all our edible beans and soybeans. Thanks to AG Direct our year will be OK!"
Comment from Bruce: I will never get tired of hearing stories like yours Maurice. We are proud that we were there for you.
D'Agnone Farms & Padrino Farms
October 2017
Wrentham, AB
"It is a great way to top off crop insurance, and hail rider. Very simple procedure to buy, I recommend it to all of my farming buddies."
Comment from Bruce: Your endorsement is incredibly important to us and we sincerely thank you.
Lorne Davis, Davis Farms
October 2017
Swalwell, AB
"No complaints on anything, completely satisfied, even when I screwed up my legal land description...we will definitely be back!"
Comment from Bruce: Simple errors on land descriptions are easy to fix...and next season you can use our "copy feature" to replicate all of your legal land locations from the prior year into a new application to minimize errors and save time.
James Giraudier
October 2017
Bengough, SK
"Very happy! Came very quick to adjust lentils as I was days from harvesting them, had money within days!"
Comment from Bruce: When you are happy, we are happy James. Thank you.
Trevor Taylor
October 2017
Snowflake, MB
"Very good rates. Hope to see you increase your liability in our area as I was not able to insure in township 1-10 as it was full."
Comment from Bruce: Hearing you Trevor...as a returning customer, you are guaranteed at least what you purchased last year.
Randy Pommier
October 2017
Shaunavon, SK
"Any questions I had were answered by AG Directs friendly staff. There rates are competitive when compared with other hail insurance companies."
Ken Symenuk
October 2017
Central Butte, SK
"I made a mistake on my application and customer service cleared it up fast and easy."
Norman Belchamber, Belchamber Farms
October 2017
Carragana, SK
"I had an adjustment made and was not satisfied, another adjuster came which was "Baillie" Claims Manager, I signed off but which was my decision totally, but when we harvested there was a lottttttt more damage than what I had settled for and I knew it at the time was my decision as I said , I felt as though I was short for sure no question ...... not sure that u will share this comment below."
Comment from Bruce: Thank you Norman. First, I get asked that question a lot... "Do you only share the good comments?" The answer is "No". I will confirm with the highest degree of certainty and integrity that Baillie left your farm (after you signed the proof of loss) feeling as though he had offered a fair loss award. That is our goal on every single claim...pay the customer for the hail damage they incurred. In four years and thousands of claims, AG Direct Hail has yet to have even one customer refuse to sign a proof of loss. As you know, there are other factors that impact yield especially in a dry season like we had this past year. I am sorry that you felt that, come harvest time, your crop didn't meet your expectations.
Minioak Farms
October 2016
Penhold, Alberta
"Quick response to our hail claim. Very satisfied."
Comment from Bruce: Our team goal is to attend claims within two weeks. Thank you for the kind endorsement.
Janet Cusack
October 2016
Vermilion, Alberta
I have been meaning to call you and say thank you so much to your team - Beth and your adjuster. The timeliness of the adjusting of the claims was so appreciated as well as the professionalism and patience in explaining the adjustment of hail damage. Thank you so much! We will definitely recommend your company!!
Comment from Bruce: Beth is our Claims Coordinator. It's her responsibility to communicate all the details (timing, adjuster etc.) to our customers...she does a terrific job. Thank you Janet for sending along this note.
Peter C. Stolniuk
October 2016
St. Walburg, Saskatchewan
"This was my first year with Ag Direct. Their rates were extremely competitive and customer service was excellent. We had a hail storm so we got to see how they handled the claim. We were very impressed how quickly and smoothly the entire claim process was handled. Definitely will use them again and would highly recommend them to other farmers."
Comment from Bruce: Welcome to AG Direct Hail Peter. Whether it's your first year or you have been with us from the beginning, we want to earn your business each and every year.
Bob Wheatley
October 2016
Standard, Alberta
"I was an adjuster in the industry for 25 plus years and think you are on the right track and will be back next year very satisfied with your professional service."
Comment from Bruce: We have a highly experienced team of Adjusters Bob and they take immense pride in getting the job done right.
Glen Schott
October 2016
Crystal City, Manitoba
"Liked the ease of application and claiming loss. The turnaround time for payment was very quick. Thank-you."
Comment from Bruce: We always look at this from our customers' perspective whether its making the website easy to use or turning around loss awards as quick as possible.
Hillview Farms Ltd.
October 2016
Langenburg, Saskatchewan
"Loved the web page and policy application as well as claim application! If only everything were so easy!!"
Comment from Bruce: Thank you Hillview Farms! You have no idea how comments like yours energize our team.
Judy Van De Sype
September 2016
Radville, Saskatchewan
"We really agree with your business model and that is why I held on to the promotional card that came in our mailbox. I'd have to say that I was more than a little nervous about dealing with a new company so I did what research I could online to find out more about your company and we also read the testimonial section. The day that your adjusters came, my brother who I was helping, had a combine fire in the field and the adjusters left him a fire extinguisher to use for the afternoon in case we needed it while they were doing the adjusting nearby. Every point of contact has provided exceptional service to us."
Comment from Bruce: Our Adjusters are highly trained to help put out fires Judy ☺
Andrew Fandry
September 2016
Hussar, Alberta
"I like that AG Direct is an internet based company with less overhead costs and no broker fees, the savings are passed on to the farmer."
Comment from Bruce: Seems like you have us figured out Andrew...and we aim to exceed your expectations with our customer service and claims handling as well.
Crossroads Grain Ltd.
September 2016
Foremost, Alberta
"Has been easy and simple to both purchase as well as get payment. Thank you so much for your service and look forward to continuing in years to come."
Comment from Bruce: I can't wait for May so we can do it for you all over again.
Brett Reimer
September 2016
Crystal City, Manitoba
"Thanks for the business again I think our farm has been with you from the start we enjoy joining you for hail insurance. Sure beats getting an adjuster out fighting with him to get more out of him. Tell Bruce he is a good sales man keep up the good work. We have used you guys two years now. We are in a hail area."
Comment from Bruce: The highest compliment we get is when our customers thank us for doing business...we sincerely thank you Brett.
Doug Japp
September 2016
Madison, Saskatchewan
"Good adjusters good people to deal with I have recommended AG Direct to a few people and once they compared rates they were able to save money."
Comment from Bruce: You have been a real friend to AG Direct Hail from the beginning Doug. Thank you.
Tyrel Omiecinski
August 2016
Wiseton, Saskatchewan
"I have to give praise on how fair your adjustors were for us on handling our claims. Lyle and Lloyd and were great guys to deal with. Considering the outcome in our area come harvest time and dealing with excessive moisture, in the middle of July when we had no idea of how the end result would turn out, they did their job well and were very fair on adjusting our claim."
Comment from Bruce: Lyle and Lloyd are two members of our seasoned, professional loss team that is led by Baillie Shewkenek (our Claims Manager). The entire team strives for fair outcomes. Thank you Tyrel.
Doug Fedoruk
August 2016
St. Paul, Alberta
"I would like to say - so far (this year and last) I have appreciated AG Direct Hail as your company has been very good and easy to work with - simple to apply and good communication when a claim has been filed - thank you."
Comment from Bruce: Well, so far we are two for two Doug...Rest assured we will continue to meet/exceed your expectations and earn your business for years to come. Thank you Doug.
Lorne Umscheid
August 2016
Milo, Alberta
"Thanks for calling back Bruce. Your company has been great to deal with as well as much better priced. I have been telling everyone I know how well this all has been and I know quite a few have already said they will be switching to you next year. Thanks."
Comment from Bruce: As you know Lorne, we are available 16 hours a day, 7 days a week toll free. Myself or our customer service are always ready to help.
Larry Marshall
July 2016
Shellbrook, Saskatchewan
"Hi Bruce. Thank you ever so much. I have always been more than satisfied in my dealings with AG Direct and I will continue to pass on my favorable comments to my fellow farmers. Again, thank you very much."
Comment from Bruce: You were one of our very first registrants and customers over 3 years ago Larry. I've said it before to you but I'll say it again...we truly appreciate your business. Thank you.
Brandon Zimmer
July 2016
Kerrobert, Saskatchewan
"As a smaller farmer, I fight with the equipment companies, the input retails, and grain elevators. I am not a big enough farm to care about. After talking to Bruce about the AG Direct quote, I somewhat got a feel for him. What I noticed was that Bruce was not like the rest of the AG industry, he was there to stand up for me and give me honestly and integrity. I almost never see that anymore, as most sectors are worried about shareholders and how to make more money. Not AG Direct. After talking with Bruce and realizing that he a real person trying to help farmers rather than help them open their bank accounts for boards of directors that couldn't care less about me. Thanks AG Direct for looking out for my needs before yours."
Comment from Bruce: I have nothing but a heartfelt thank you for your kind comments Brandon.
Ag Venture Farms Ltd.
November, 2015
Standard, Alberta
"We are very satisfied with the AG Direct Hail product. I was a bit skeptical of this product at first, but Bruce and his team made it very easy to do business with. It was just like Bruce said it would be. Simple, no frills product. The investment of insurance is a large expense and so the savings we enjoyed were in the neighbourhood of 30%! We took some additional coverage over our normal rate and still saved some money. We did get hail - and just as promised the claims process was simple. Go online, make your claim, provide the details on adjustment (we used the AFSC adjustment) and received our cheque in a few weeks - no hassle. We ended up needing to correct some acreages on insured acres prior to the claim (my mistake) and that was extremely simple to do. Ellen was easy to deal with and we received a refund - simple, no hassle and timely. Couldn't ask for a better product. I will be booking my straight hail again and have recommended this product to friends and family - all with the same satisfactory results! Thanks Bruce, Ellen and the others for a great product and service".
Comment from Bruce: At AG Direct Hail, we believe that saving hard working farmers money on hail premiums is only half of the story. The connection we have with our customers, superior service and claims handling is the other half. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers.
Horseshoe Canyon Land & Cattle Co., Ltd.
November, 2015
Drumheller, Alberta
"We are seeing more hail on our farm. The opportunity to save a few dollars on what looked like a dry year with no reduction coverage sounded like a good idea. It was! Although we didn't have hail this year, saving some money is always good. The product was just as advertised. Being able to do things on my time is great - I put on coverage at 11:30 p.m. and it was in effect at noon the next day. Pretty tough to do with other companies if you have to meet face to face. The web based system is simple to use, they have examples and of course they are only a phone call away. Good product, good price, good service."
Comment from Bruce: In season, we know that farmers are extremely busy. Purchasing hail coverage should be fast, convenient and safe. As long as the policy is submitted by midnight central time, it is in effect noon the following day. Of course we are available toll free, 7 days per week if our customers wish to talk to us.
Melissa McWilliam - Farming and Resources Manager, Western Feedlots Ltd
November, 2015
Multiple locations in Alberta
"I wanted to email and thank you for your excellent service this year. This was the first year that Western Feedlots Ltd. has used AG Direct and I have had a very positive experience with your company over this crop year. AG Direct used a friendly and precise adjuster who actually did counts (I have had other adjusters not even do counts and who were quite abrupt). AG Direct even went so far as to reopen our claim once we realized at swath time that the damage was worse than we originally realized. I appreciate that there is always a live person at the other end of the line when I call the AG Direct number and your response time to emails and phone messages is quick. I have made sure to share my positive experiences with our custom farmers and other local farmers that I have been in contact with".
Comment from Bruce: We take loss adjusting very seriously. Our team of highly qualified, professional adjusters strive to ensure we are fair on loss awards. After two years and hundreds of claims, we have not had a single claim go to appraisal and we are proud of that.
Andre Kleinjan - Kleinjan Farms Ltd.
October, 2015
Purple Springs, Alberta
"We would like to thank you for how smooth the claims were dealt with and the quick payments right after. This was very much appreciated."
Comment from Bruce: In 2016, we are adding a direct deposit option (instead of a cheque) to settle loss awards. The choice will be the customers'.....so payment could get even faster!
Wayne Zacharias - Bent Pine Farm Ltd.
October, 2015
Crystal City, Manitoba
"I really like this concept in purchasing hail insurance. The games I have had to play with private adjusters in the past has left a bad impression with me. They seem more interested in resolving the claim as cheaply as possible rather than coming to a fair settlement. However, I was disappointed that I was again forced to use private insurance because the coverage available with AG Direct in my township was sold out very early, so the later seeded crops were not able to be insured through AG Direct. I think that you said you were looking into giving previous customers first dibs on insurance needs in 2016. I would like to be notified as early as possible, so that I don't miss out again".
Comment from Bruce: Due to demand, we did close some townships across the Prairies. Farmers that have registered (without obligation) will receive an email notification in May when our rates are available. We encourage farmers to apply early.
Jeremy German
October, 2015
Kindersley, Saskatchewan
"The personal touch means a lot to us, and we will certainly be purchasing our hail insurance through you in the future. Your genuine concern for clients is the reason I keep sending people your way. Keep it up!"
Comment from Bruce: Simply, we are passionate about our customers and our service.
Jeff Elder
October, 2015
Wawanesa, Manitoba
"I'm quite happy with any interaction I've had with your company regarding hail insurance. Staff has been extremely professional, courteous and helpful. Payment was made promptly, and the cheque didn't bounce. All things for the win column. I have, and will continue to, recommend to people to check out AG Direct for their hail insurance."
Comment from Bruce: Of course I am biased, but I believe we have the best staff in the industry. 'Extremely professional, courteous and helpful' pretty much sums them up.
Dustin DuWulf
September, 2015
Regina, Saskatchewan
"I can't think of any comments I have for you to improve operations. I was happy with the quick response to my claim and the quick visit to the farm by the adjusters. I plan on attending Agribition in Regina and I also plan on heading to Saskatoon for Crop Production Show, maybe we'll see you there"
Comment from Bruce: We are at the following industry events in early 2016. Please stop by and say hello!
  • Western Canadian Crop Production Show in Saskatoon (January 11-14, 2016)
  • Manitoba AG Days in Brandon (January 19-21, 2016)
  • Farm Tech in Edmonton (January 28-28, 2016)
  • Crop Connect in Winnipeg (February 10-11, 2016)
  • AG Expo in Lethbridge (February 24-26, 2016)
Johan Feitsma
September, 2015
Ponoka, Alberta
"Yes we were very satisfied...Quick handling of the claim and fast payout... Very good Thanks again, Johan"
Dave Schaeffer
September, 2015
Vibank, Saskatchewan
"It was pretty nice doing up the hail online along with the savings being passed on to us. With the crop not too good for us this year every dollar saved is needed and appreciated. Not too sure about the 10% discount we took with the savings passed on for the premium but there is too much money left behind to be collected on a claim as serious as we had this year. But this is something we choose to do. One other thing the adjusters we had were awesome. We were very happy with their work, great guys and were pretty quick to get here. I like what you guys are doing and I think this is the way of the future. So thanks again and we'll be back. Hoping for a better year next year'
Comment from Bruce: I am so proud of the adjusting team we have. These guys are so passionate about their role with AG Direct Hail and it shows in how they treat our customers.
Danny Guillas
September, 2015
Eden, Manitoba
"Unfortunately I did incur a small hail loss this year. The claim process and settlement speed was excellent however, and I will surely deal with your company again next year. I have recommended AG Direct to others when discussing hail insurance and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks!"
Comment from Bruce: Farmers telling farmers about AG Direct Hail is incredibly important to us and we thank you.
Casey Koomen - Koomen Farms
September, 2015
Taber, Alberta
"Just to keep it short and sweet.......it was very straight forward and hassle free. Just the way I like it. I will buy from you again for sure."
Comment from Bruce: Just the way we like it too!!
September, 2015
"As a first year customer we have nothing but rave reviews for AG Direct Hail. Unfortunately we had to make a claim this year but that gave us the opportunity to view full circle how all the AG Direct processes work. Initially, purchasing insurance was really straight-forward and user friendly. The site is easy to use. When we did have to make a claim it was really easy to make a claim, no headaches of forms to fill out or paperwork! We were contacted in short order, and received our claim payout in a timely manner. Everyone we dealt with (AG Direct staff, adjuster) were very friendly and helpful! We have nothing but positive praise for AG Direct! We are extremely satisfied customers and have told everyone in the business to go through AG Direct! We will definitely be repeat customers and look forward to purchasing hail insurance through AG Direct in years to come."
Comment from Bruce: We know we will have to earn the business of our customers each and every year by delivering on real savings, superior service and professional loss adjusting. We take nothing for granted.
Rob Wallace - Scotstown Farms Ltd.
September, 2015
Unity, Saskatchewan
"After two years and two claims... AG Direct Hail is simply the best in the industry"
Mike Foley Farms Ltd.
June, 2015
Coronach, Saskatchewan
"I just saved enough money with AG Direct Hail to buy a brand new engine for my John Deere 9100 tractor."
Comment from Bruce: One of my most favorite customer quotes! Tell us what you bought with your savings next year.
Dave Bergen - Bergen Farms
May, 2015
Cardston, Alberta
With the "direct" concept we saved over $25,000! AG Direct keeps money in farmers' pockets!
Tamara Carter - Carter Cattle Company Ltd.
May, 2015
Lacadena, Saskatchewan
"The AG Direct business model and convenient online platform allow producers to quickly and easily complete their applications. The cost savings AG Direct achieves through these efficiencies are passed on to producers. Receiving a high quality product and superior service at a competitive price has us returning to AG Direct for all our hail insurance needs this year. We were very pleased with the speed and ease of the application as well as the claim process".
Comment from Bruce: Everything that was said is everything we strive to deliver....but we will continue to work even harder!

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